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Each hand painted photograph is an original piece of art. Special orders are encouraged and while each piece is an original, others can be painted, smaller in size or with alternative colors. Some subjects lend themselves more to size variations than others do. Many of the pieces, especially the flowers, can be done in a variety of colors, some of which may be real and others imagined. Unless otherwise noted, the mat board is white.


All my photographs are available in multiple sizes.  Some of the photograph lend themselves to a variety of sizes, others do not. All are printed on archival paper and can be matted with archival mat board. Unless otherwise noted, the mat board will be white.


Part of the collection consists of both the original photograph and a hand painted image matted to make one piece of art. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition of media. Special orders are considered for a special pet or a child's photograph. The photograph would be an original and would then be hand painted and matted as a set.


Alternative processes on this website include Polaroid Transfer Images. These are photographs taken with a Polaroid camera and developed on either different types of paper or fabric or tiles. In addition to these transfers, there are Infra Red Photographs and Panoramas from around the world. For more information on the process and the art available, please send an e-mail. Some of these pieces are in the gallery.

Hand designed clothing has been added to my collection of photographs.  They are shown in the Studio Clothing Gallery



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