Beyond the Lens

Hand Painted and Alternative Processes

Door Collage , Butterfly and Flower, Lighthouse Collage, Water Lillies, Reflection Collage, Bird of Paradise on Silk, Red and Orange Flowers, Limoncello Bottles Capri Italy, Prickly Pear Cactus Amalfi Coast, Red Geraniums Venice, Magnolias Central Park, Homasassa Bridge Florida, Bow Bridge Central Park, Charles Bridge Prague, The Isle of Capri, Bridge of Sighs Venice, Venice Canal, Rescued Bald Eagles Homassasa Preserve Florida, Rescued Pelican Homassasa Preserve Florida, Birdbath Assisi Italy, Duck Central Park Children's Zoo, Iris Closeup, Icelandic Horses, Mandarin Duck Central Park Children's Zoo, Building Burano Italy, Cuban Women Havana, Rome, Italy.